Delivery areas


Our prices are in HUF including VAT. If you need an invoice, please inform us when you order. Minimum order price: 1990 HUF.

Delivery area (free delivery):

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th district city center area until Orczy and Fiumei streets (except some streets, ask the operator!).

9th district (except Pöttyös street buliding blocks, József Attila building blocks)

13th discrict rea marked by Duna - Szent István boulevard. - Váci street - Lehel street, Szent László street - Rákos-creek

If you want to pay with large banknotes (5-, 10-, 20.000,-) please inform us when you order.

Opening hours: everyday between 11 am  - 10.45 pm

*Our gluten-free buns/crusts do not contain gluten, but they may come to contact with cross contamination!

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