Delivery Regions


Our prices are expressed in HUF including VAT. If you need an invoice, please inform us when you order. Minimum order price: 1500 HUF.

Delivery Points:

  • Free delivery:
  • 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th district (except some streets, ask the operator!)
  • 9th district (except József Attila lakótelep)
  • 13th discrict bounded by Duna - Szent István krt. - Váci út - Lehel út, Szent László utca - Rákos-patak 

Erzsébet Voucher accepted. If you want to pay with large banknotes (5-, 10-, 20.000,-) please inform us when you order.

Opening Hours: every day between 11 am  - 10.45 pm

*Our gluten-free buns/crusts do not contain gluten, but they may come to contact with cross contamination!

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